ICT outsourcing

While organizations focus their resources on gaining knowledge about their own business, they are increasingly transforming their organizational structure providing specialized functions or procedures into providers of specialized services. BSC Line, as a provider of outsourcing of comprehensive services, helps transform the operations and procedures of organizations throughout the Slovak Republic.

Our experts work with customers to define their needs, goals and vulnerabilities in organizational matters. We will then provide tailor-made, cost-effective ICT outsourcing solutions that are consistent with their business and goals to help them eliminate redundant jobs, reduce complexity, reduce costs, improve lifecycle times and support service delivery.

As part of its infrastructure services portfolio, BSC Line provides a full range of security services to help clients assess their information risks, design and implement sophisticated security solutions and protect them from cyber attacks.

We provide outsourcing in the following areas:

  • project team outsourcing - the client manages the project himself and the supplier provides an experienced and well-played implementation team,
  • ICT infrastructure outsourcing – these are services related to the operation of the infrastructure, from the support of the operation of the computer network, through the administration and administration of servers, storage to the possibility of operating most of the infrastructure from the location of the service provider,
  • outsourcing of application development and operation - applications can be operated either in the client's environment and the supplier provides their administration, maintenance and support, or applications can be operated and maintained directly from the supplier's premises,
  • outsourcing the development of ICT systems – the supplier becomes a strategic partner of the client and designs the ICT strategy, selects the most suitable solution together with the client, manages the implementation and subsequently provides operational support. At this stage, the outsourcing provider is also responsible for managing the subcontractors of individual systems.

Services we provide in the field of ICT outsourcing:

  • consultation,
  • ICT infrastructure migration,
  • WIN, UNIX and DB environment administration,
  • tuning and troubleshooting of ICT infrastructure,
  • body leasing,
  • HW and SW service,
  • Service Desk (L1),
  • management and maintenance of ICT infrastructure (L2/L3),
  • monitoring of ICT infrastructure,
  • prophylaxis of ICT infrastructure,
  • release & deployment management,
  • third party management.

Choosing a company to provide outsourcing services is a complex process. Given the long-term relationship between the client and the service provider, it plays a key role in choosing an outsourcing partner: the stability of the supplier, its philosophy, the ability to understand the client and the ability to respond flexibly to changes and client requirements.