Abous us

Who are we

We are a company that was established in 1998 in Trenčín as a local company in the field of information technology. During over 25 years of operation, we have developed into a company that provides its customers with IT services throughout the Slovak Republic. We help them improve their competitiveness and efficiency. We design, build and manage information systems and ensure a secure infrastructure.

Our values

For a long time, we adhere to the principles that we set when establishing the company, these being to never mislead our clients and only offer proven solutions that we trust. We believe that this way we can achieve the satisfaction of both our customers and us.

People in society

Since the beginning, there are two people behind all this, Bernard Bagín and Marian Sirotný, who choose the suitable and reliable people for the team, because they know very well that technologies are changing, but people remain. The priority is therefore a continuous and professional growth of the entire team. As a result, we can better understand the needs of clients and offer them solutions that meet their requirements. The people on the team are our most valuable asset and we are proud of each and every one of them.

Our goals

Our primary goal is satisfaction of our customers. We want to provide them with solutions with high level of added value. Attributes such as stability, security, high availability and support of implemented solutions contribute to this, which with their design and method of deployment belong to the top from the technological and safety point of view. The quality of our solutions is guaranteed by close cooperation with leading suppliers of hardware and software components.