ICT infrastructure solutions

We provide a comprehensive supply of passive and active elements of ICT - from the design of LAN and WAN network solutions, delivery and implementation, to the management of the ICT infrastructure itself.

Design of structured cabling:

  • design and projection of low-current distribution (structured cabling),
  • design and analysis of structured cabling system - PC networks, telephone lines, cabling for security systems, access systems, monitoring systems,
  • technical and drawing processing of the project

Implementation of the passive part of the computer network:

  • installation of metallic and optical data distribution,
  • tracing, railing, preparation of cable route, assembly of data switchboards and finalization of RJ45 CAT5e, 6, 6A, 7 end sockets,
  • certification measurement and testing of data distribution,
  • realization of optical cabling and optical welds.

Implementation of the active part of the computer network:

  • installation of active elements of the computer network (switch, router, firewall, ...),
  • configuration of active network elements, optimization of performance in LAN / WAN environment,
  • securing LAN network connections,
  • LAN / WAN network management,
  • computer network security solutions (Firewall, IDS),
  • consulting, user support and training,
  • configuration of encrypted VPN connections between branches.

Network management (computer networks):

  • regular care and administration of the corporate network (LAN),
  • regular checking of settings of active elements of the computer network + additional settings,
  • firmware update of active elements,
  • warranty and post-warranty service of passive and active network components,
  • continuous monitoring of active network elements + SMS notifications in case of incidents, resp. device unavailability,
  • WiFi wireless network management,
  • local computer network security configuration.