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BSC Line s.r.o. is a company providing comprehensive ICT services and solutions with a focus on small and medium-sized companies. Our priority is to deliver meaningful solutions using proven technologies to achieve stable and safe operating conditions.

Knowledge of the issue and a willingness to address customer requirements in detail is important to us.

Business security

The enterprise security solutions offered by our company enable organizations to identify, understand and uncover security vulnerabilities in their operations. We advise organizations on the level of security that is "sufficient" for them and deliver proven solutions for the protection of ICT infrastructure and assets.

The ability to gain insight into operations helps our clients organize their risky security investments and focus more on achieving their strategic goals and mission.

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One of the advantages of ICT outsourcing is that the client obtains the required quality of services at lower costs, because the outsourcing provider can distribute its costs among several recipients of services. Another advantage is that customers will ensure technological up-to-dateness and standardization of equipment and licenses and gain almost immediate response to current needs arising in the company.

BSC Line s.r.o., as a provider of outsourcing of comprehensive ICT services, helps organizations throughout the Slovak Republic.

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System integration

The server solutions provided by BSC Line s.r.o. are built on a wide range of available hardware and software platforms with the possibility of creating a completely new system infrastructure or full integration into the existing environment.

Attributes such as: stability, security, high availability and support of implemented solutions, which with their design and method of deployment belong to the best from the technological and project point of view, contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

The solution is guaranteed by working closely with leading suppliers of hardware and software components such as: HP, DELL, Cisco, Barracuda, Microsoft, VMware, and others.

Quality policy

The long-term strategy of BSC Line s.r.o. is to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing quality and reliable services with the maximum level of safety and health at work, with minimal impact on the environment, with respect for the principles of social responsibility and cyber security.

Therefore, we also focus on increasing the expertise of employees by introducing the effectiveness of the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, the environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2015 and the information security management system according to 27001: 2014.